Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excuse ME .....

Excuse ME ..... just wanted to clear up my answer to Tim:

Tim said...

How does it feel to amass the same stats over 5 years that many receivers amass over a year or less?

Tim, it feels great knowing that I brought my team to 5 NFC East Championships and 1 Super Bowl … so many fans look at individual stats and not at the big picture of team work

It was only 4 NFC Championship teams ... lol!



  1. Freddy how many WRs on the Eagles are you currently better than?

    And don't be a some names.

    Also...on a scale of 1-10 rate Donovan's leadership abilities.

  2. Hey Freddie, I'm glad you're here on blogger for everyone to communicate with, it's a brave thing to do since I'm certain you're taking a lot of heat with the comments. I enjoyed watching you play, I've been an Eagles fan for all of my 36 years and I always like to keep a close eye on the draft picks as they come to the city. As a fan, watching you was interesting and fun, you did some great work on the field and you had some rough spots as well, sounds like just about all of the hard working people I know. I've been an artist professionally for about 17 years and I work my tail off everyday to get better at my craft, sometimes the paying jobs are flowing, sometimes I can't scrape up a damn thing. But working and striving and chasing the dreams are what make life matter and also what makes life exciting. It also builds character, so keep working hard and I'll be keeping my eye on the blog. Hopefully I can get to Florida for some of that BBQ someday, and congrats on that too. Good Luck Freddie, I'm pulling for you. -Chris.

  3. Hey Freddie,

    I remember watching you back in the day, well actually only a few years back... and I always loved watching you play. Even though you don't play anymore, I hope you get another chance, and when that chance does come, good luck man!


  4. Freddie,

    What's one thing about life as a Philly Eagle that would surprise people?


  5. You da man Freddie... you sure made it interesting in Philly... lol


  6. What do you think about the new wide receivers that the Eagles have? (DeSean Jackson and now Jeremy Maclin)

  7. Freddie,

    Give me your opinion on yourself:
    great wide receiver or greatest wide receiver?

  8. Freddie,

    some people call you a 1st round bust, but I disagree, you were on the receiving end on THREE of the biggest pass plays in Eagles History.

    1. The 4th-and-26 play in the playoffs.
    2. Catching the deflected pass in the endzone vs. the vikes.
    3.Catching the long pass of Mcnabb's amazing monday night miracle scramble against Dallas.


  9. Chris,
    I appreciate the love, keep me posted in your future endeavors and sign up for the newsletter to keep up on mine ...

    People would be surprised how much a coach or another player controls your success on the field ....

    You're the man, too ... lol!

    They will be good ... Donovan like them ....

    Greatest under-utilized WR ...


    I appreciate the love, unfortunately I couldn't control my own destiny ... there is all lot more to come... this is only the tip of the iceberg ... !
    Stay tuned ...