Monday, April 27, 2009

Freddie Comments on Comments ...

Alfred said...

Way to go Freddie, looking forward to read about the REAL Freddie Mitchell

Thanks Alfred, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my fans!

Tim said...

How does it feel to amass the same stats over 5 years that many receivers amass over a year or less?

Tim, it feels great knowing that I brought my team to 5 NFC East Championships and 1 Super Bowl … so many fans look at individual stats and not at the big picture of team work

Hotep said...

Which nick name do you like best, FredEX or 1st Down Freddie?

Hotep, I guess I like FredEX the best …

Anthony Gay said...

Why do they call you FredEX?

FredEX always delivers … lol!

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

I'll Always remember 4th & 26!!!

Thanks Professor, I appreciate all my real fans

Free-Vick said...

Freddie whats up. Just wondering how come you talked so much, for a guy who put up average season numbers in five years? Also what happen with the CFL. I was looking forward to seeing you back on the field.

Hey Vick, would you rather I run my mouth or kill innocent dogs? You need to look at the big picture … how many games that the team wins … that’s what it is all about …

adrewpsu said...

If a team came calling right now, are you in playing shape?

I am at 100%, running sprints, miles and I am ready for training camp

JMGreenbaum said...

is it true you are opening a hair salon in philadelphia?

I was looking at opening a hair salon, but I just had too many business ventures on my plate at the time

Shamus McCormick said...

Good to see you're trying to clear up some things that are out there about you right now.

I write for a website known as and would love to have an extensive interview with you.

Get in touch with us through our contact info. It would be great to get some issues cleared up for you.

I'll always remember 4th & 26


Shamus, thanks for the positive feedback. You can keep up with the latest by following me on

Jeff said...

What did you think of the Eagles latest draft? Was Andy Reid a fair coach? How difficult is it for a collage WR to pick up the West Coast Offence?

Jeff, Andy Reid is a very fair coach and I loved him to death. Looking back on things, I think that I speak for myself as well as most other players, we wish that we had the same type of relationship that he had with Donovan McNabb … we’d probably all still have jobs … lol!

I wasn’t happy with the latest draft. The NFL has a lot of problems and it is harder than people think … fans expect great things right away and it really takes 3 – 4 years to really get what you want out of a receiver … bottom line … the Eagles need to win now …

That's it for now ... will answer more later .. gotta go work out ... you can follow me on:

We will have a telephone line up shortly if you would like to leave comments and questions.

Thanks for all your support ... Freddie


  1. can't tell you how many times i've had to defend you and your legacy from other Eagles fans at parties and barbeques etc . . .
    "don't believe the snipe"

  2. Hey, people's champ:

    Is Howard Eskin your favorite radio personality in Philly? I enjoyed the last interview you had with him!

  3. FredEx...Huge Birds fan and wish that I could only have hands as great as you and be able to pull off that "fro-hawk" love it! I have a talk show at school, would it be possible to have you on for a few minutes one time to shoot the breeze?! Be well champ

  4. Hey Freddie, imagine if you had a QB who threw you the football in stride instead of those weird knuckleballs into the dirt.

    You got a bum rap here, some say you invented your own routes, but the chemistry between you and mcnabb wasn't there. Fact of the matter is, every time McNabb decided to look in your direction (which was RARE), you produced and made things happen.

    I watched you in college and was absolutely thrilled the Eagles selected you, thought you would be a great starting receiver in Reid's offense. You created a lot of great memories, wish the fans of Philly appreciated you a bit more than what they've shown.

    btw, it was awesome when you took out the Wisconsin mascot in that bowl game after you scored a TD. I laughed my ass off.

    one last question, how bout a comeback?

  5. Hey Freddie! If you get a chance, please check out my blog...Bleed Green. Just askin you to cjeck it out because I loved you so much when you played for my favorite team--the Eagles. It's: If you like it, please follow it... I would love to have an actual NFL PLAYER follow my blog! :) Good luck in your future career

  6. yo yo yo...good luck on getting ready to get back on the can do it. you have done it before, and you can do it again.

    dont sweat the haters, worry about making that money! i assure you that all these guys would kill to be #1 round draft picks.

    also, i would like to applaud you for recognizing that God does not give a rats ass about football and thanking your hands and not God for catching that 4th and 26! however, next time it would be nice if you thanked God for giving you those hands lol :)

  7. Freddy, why did Bill Belichick not know your name in 04 when you guys played in the Super Bowl?

  8. Hey Freddie,
    The Eagles press conferences haven't been as entertaining since you left.
    How did you get into BBQ? Are the sauces your own recipes? Do you do vinegar based? Any thoughts on expansion to Philly?

  9. Have you seen the show Eastbound & Down on HBO? About a former (baseball) pro whose luck has changed and he's left the league after an arduous journey. But the former pro holds out hope he can make it back despite everyone doubting him. Then he finally commits to doing it really commits. The guy had a big mouth sure but it was because he had bigger spirit and he was damn funny.

    Keep on working & getting faster and keep those hands alive and I hope to see you again on Sundays.

  10. FredEx, I loved you on the Mayne Event with Kenny Mayne after your huge catch against Dallas! Funniest thing I've ever seen!

  11. Freddie,

    When you left you seemed to suggest that you and Donovan had a beef. Was that true? Because it sounded like sour grapes when you said that he didn't look your way and was trying to hold you down.

  12. Freddie, will you call my cell phone and set my voicemail? Say something along the lines of "Hi, this is Freddie Mitchell, and this is Andrew's voicemail. Fredex him a message and he'll get right back to you."


    Feel free to put your own spin on it. You the man. Thanks!


  13. Freddie,

    Are the rumors true about your BBQ? It is the talk of the town here in Florida. Any possibilities of a franchising opportunity?

    Keep up the hard work, all of us real fans in Philly know you should still be here as the #1. Big ups FredEx!

  14. This is BS. Freddie (thank my hands) Mitchell wasn't part of FIVE nfc championship games for the Eagles. look it up

  15. Freddie - What was the bigger choke during the Super Bowl? Donovan in the final 5 minutes or you talking smack to Rodney Harrison and making 1 catch for 11 yards?

  16. freddie have you ever met t.j housmanzadeh?I am only asking because he did a radio interview in philly before free agency and praised donovan mcnabb by saying that he was able to go to the playoffs year in and year out while having to rely on guys like you and todd pinksont as his recievers

  17. yo freddie..ur the man!! u came through in the clutch and u gave philly some of the best memories in the past decade...thanks for that...1

  18. HOLLYWOOD!!!!! Hey man, no matter what you left us fans with great memories...But I can also say that off the field u are a class act as well...I ran into you a couple times in Cherry Hill and Vegas and you were always more than happy to talk with the fans and crack jokes...That is why you were THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP!!!!

  19. Wow, did you really delete my comment where I said you are only qualified to Fred Ex me a pizza? You are a pussy...