Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Freddie on Freddie ...

eagleyankee22 said...

Freddie, you're the man! The miracle of 4th and 26 is one of the greatest receptions in Eagles history. Why don't you think the Eagles used you as much as they could have?

Thanks Eagle … I think that the powers that be made that decision, possibly because my relationship with Donovan wasn’t all that comfortable …

boxchad said...

Yes! Fredex is back, baby!
The Flav

Flav, thanks for following me … it is the fans that make the game great!

bertee said...

Freddie you were one of the best receivers in eagles history. Its a shame you were not used properly when you were here and then couldn't stay in the league. You should still be playing.

Why don't you play anymore do teams just not recognize your immense talent. I mean in your incredible career you made so many spectacular plays. The videos on this site prove that.

Thanks! I hope to play again … I am training everyday and am at 100%. I wake up every day missing the smell of the football field …

ebytelli said...

Freddie, you were always one of my favorites. You had fun playing the game. After the catch that belt thing you use to do was the shit. My question is are you done playing for good or are you considering playing anywhere?

I am in playing shape right now and trying to get into a training camp. Hopefully I won’t be blackballed like the past years …

Canadian Wood said...

Freddie, you really need to get back into the NFL. The Eagles never utilized you correctly. I still have an 84 F. Mitchell jersey that I wear to every Eagles game I go to. The People's Champ!!!! 4th and 26 will forever be the greatest play in Eagles history.

Thanks … it is you, my loyal fans that make me work harder!

Jaykcafe said...

There is no doubt I was and still am your biggest NFL fan. I can't admit to having seen all of your college games, but cut me some slack, I'm only 21 years old now. You are responsible for the 4 most exciting offensive Eagles plays in my lifetime. Sure you get all that credit for 4th and 26 and rightfully so BUT do people really forget about you throwing for a 40+ yard touchdown to Westbrook on MNF in Miami? Or you catching L.J. Smith's forward fumble vs the Vikings in the playoffs (or the fact that you caught your own TD that game as well)? What about you receiving that record breaking 14 second scramble pass for Donovan?

I remember constant arguments (on your behalf) with friends and eagles fans. I told them all to watch the last two games of the 2004 season well because they were going to be your first real "starts" and sure enough you delivered a touchdown catch in each!

You were mis-used throughout your career in Philadelphia, and it is a true shame that you are out of the professional game.

Thanks … I’ll be back on the field again … I’m in shape and ready to play!


  1. Dear Freddy,
    As the people's champ do you feel as though you let Philadelphia fans down by being a rd 1 draft pick and panning out to be a so called bust? With the NFL relying on speed nowadays do you really think you have a shot of getting back into the NFL? What are your regrets about playing for the Eagles?

  2. Yo Fred-Ex,

    I just want to say keep your chin up brother. I know what its like not to be respected at your job by your teamates. Nobody respects me either, but I know I'm the best at what I do and 4 and 26 will always be my personal mantra!
    If you ever want to hang out Michael's on Street Road has an awesome Happy Hour and the first drink is on me!

    Big J.D.

  3. Hey Fred,

    I just wanted to say that Im in to BBQ to so if you just want to swing by the crib and chill that's ok too. I can get some burgers and some chicken and some brews and we can just hang out. I've got a few lady friends I know I can invite from that place I was telling you about Michael's, we can get some of them to come to the house and we can all hang out poolside.

    Big J.D.

  4. Did you ever consider putting out a book or video of your workout tips? I really want to maximize my physique and look like "The People's Champ".

  5. How tall are you Freddie? Do people make fun of you because of your height? They make fun of me and I don't find it all that funny. How do you deal with ridicule, any advice?

  6. What do you like to put on the CD player when your entertaining a lady friend? I like to put on a little R. Kelly to set the mood. Maybe light some candles too.

  7. How does fan mail work? I sent a wedding invitation to TO at the Novacare complex back during the 2005 preseason... do you think he ever saw it, or did he just ignore it?

  8. Sorry to keep bugging you but I wanted to ask another question.

    Do you think its wrong top wear a sweater vest in the winter? The guys I work with make fun of me when I do. They make comments like, "I look like Im in grade school." or "I was Student of the Month."

    Personally its a Nautica Sweater Vest so you know I'm representing. Why don't they understand that a sweater vest is a sharp piece of apparel?

  9. Whatever happened to Freddiemitchell.com? When you became a man-child in that Minnesota game and took over I was rockin' the fredex hat and shirt haha After you were released I tried getting on the site and grabbing some more merchandise for friends but it's unavailable.

    Also (and I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet) what was your inspiration for the "fro hawk"?

  10. Hey Freddie. Would you be interested at all in helping me or something with my Eagles blog. I would love your inside take on stuff...and I have 45 followers who would then notice you and likely come to your blog. Please let me know by replying to this comment. Thanks a lot, FredEx! :)

  11. Hey Freddie. There is a lot I want to say, but in order to keep it short, I just want to say YOUR THE MAN!!! Stay cool.

    take care,


  12. Hey Freddie. Please tell me you remember the "Freddie Mitchell stole my girl" sign from a preseason game at the linc about 6 years back?? That was one of the highlights of attending an Eagles game. All I can remember is you giving the guys next to us your gloves for making that sign.. Pretty cool move.
    Later Fred-Ex