Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freddie Mitchell Speaks ...

PhilaBirds said...

Dear Freddy,
As the people's champ do you feel as though you let Philadelphia fans down by being a rd 1 draft pick and panning out to be a so called bust? With the NFL relying on speed nowadays do you really think you have a shot of getting back into the NFL? What are your regrets about playing for the Eagles?

First off, this is a pretty lame question. I did everything that the Eagles asked of me and after all, I can’t throw the ball to myself … lol … the NFL doesn’t just rely on speed, but I can still put down a 4.4. mile. Regrets … ?

BigSexyIT Guy said...

Yo Fred-Ex,

I just want to say keep your chin up brother. I know what its like not to be respected at your job by your teamates. Nobody respects me either, but I know I'm the best at what I do and 4 and 26 will always be my personal mantra!

If you ever want to hang out Michael's on Street Road has an awesome Happy Hour and the first drink is on me!

Did you ever consider putting out a book or video of your workout tips? I really want to maximize my physique and look like "The People's Champ".
Do you think its wrong top wear a sweater vest in the winter? The guys I work with make fun of me when I do. They make comments like, "I look like Im in grade school." or "I was Student of the Month."

Personally its a Nautica Sweater Vest so you know I'm representing. Why don't they understand that a sweater vest is a sharp piece of apparel?

Big J.D.

I appreciate the love … when ever people hate on you it makes you stronger. What you wear doesn’t matter … you’ll be a trend setter and you’ll be surprised, they’ll wear the same when you aren’t around …

Jaysus said...

How does fan mail work? I sent a wedding invitation to TO at the Novacare complex back during the 2005 preseason... do you think he ever saw it, or did he just ignore it?

Terrel is pretty good at reading his fan mail … you should have invited a small time guy, like myself … I would have attended … lol …

Jaykcafe said...

Whatever happened to When you became a man-child in that Minnesota game and took over I was rockin' the fredex hat and shirt haha After you were released I tried getting on the site and grabbing some more merchandise for friends but it's unavailable.

Also (and I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet) what was your inspiration for the "fro hawk"?

I will be getting merchandise soon and I will also have a new website. The “fro hawk” was something to set another trend … all the players started wearing the Mohawk the following year. Hopefully you’ll see me in another team soon …I have been working hard and I am ready for next season … and, I’ll have a lot of “new tricks” in my bag … lol!

CodyBenjamin said...

Hey Freddie. Would you be interested at all in helping me or something with my Eagles blog. I would love your inside take on stuff...and I have 45 followers who would then notice you and likely come to your blog. Please let me know by replying to this comment. Thanks a lot, FredEx! :)

I will come by anybody’s blog that doesn’t belittle the athletes and that understands that they give 100% …

bringthehurt said...

Hey Freddie. There is a lot I want to say, but in order to keep it short, I just want to say YOUR THE MAN!!! Stay cool.

take care,


Thanks Jason, hopefully you enjoyed the memories … all the good memories …

Chas said...

Hey Freddie. Please tell me you remember the "Freddie Mitchell stole my girl" sign from a preseason game at the linc about 6 years back?? That was one of the highlights of attending an Eagles game. All I can remember is you giving the guys next to us your gloves for making that sign.. Pretty cool move.
Later Fred-Ex

You know … that was a classic! Hopefully, I left you with a lot of memories at the “linc” …. BTW … how is your girlfriend … lol!


  1. Freddie, you didnt just have big plays in the NFL man. Yeah 4th and 26 will be remembered and the 14 second scramble, but that end around WR pass you had at UCLA was pretty sweet

  2. hey freddie you really owned rodney harrison and the pats secondary in the superbowl. i'm glad you were able to back up your trash talk. 1 catch, 10 yards. wow that was devastating.

    FredEx. Always Delivers.
    (Except on Sundays)

  3. What's up Freddie? I was wondering if you'd be able to help us out? Me and my friends have started a blog to get a fellow underappreciated Philadelphia athlete, Matt Stairs, voted into the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. If you could just give our blog a shout out, I think it would be a lot of help. Who knows? Maybe our next endeavor will be a "Get Fred-Ex back into the NFL" blog.

  4. Freddie,

    Thanks again for answering my questions. You really gave me a boost and I was able to stand up to those people that mock me.

    Is there anywhere I can send a picture for you to autograph? I want people to come to my cubicle and realize that I roll with Freddie in my corner.

    You people mock me now, but the minute your computer is on the fritz who do you come crawling over to and buddy up with...ME...the Big Sexy IT Guy.

    Also I hate Pat Burrell and The Flyers.

    Thanks again Fred-Ex.



  5. TD Fred,

    You never answered my other question. Are you afraid to say the names of the WRs on the Eagles who are are better than? Or are all of them better than you?

  6. Jericho,
    I have to admit my UCLA days more than my Eagles days ...

    Philly Faker,

    You are pretty good with stats ... so answer these questions .... How many interceptions did I throw ??? How many times did they throw to me?? and also let me know when I can try out for the Philly's and play short stop for a year so I can go back to the Eagles and catch that dropped ball ...

    Canadian Wood

    I'll give your blog a shout out ....

    Big Sexy IT,

    I'll sign your autographs, but I need your help in return ... email me your info at my gmail account freddiemitchell84(a) and sign up for the newsletter

    Degenerate G,

    At the pro level, it doesn't matter who the WR is, the offensive coordinator and the QB can make you or break you.... in my case break ....

  7. that's right freddie, it's always someone else's fault. t.o. didn't have much of a problem catching donovan's passes. in fact, he caught 77 of them for 1200 yards and 14 td's your last season. westbrook caught 70+. hell, even todd pinkkston. your only TDs of the year came against the rams and bengals, not exactly nfl powerhouses.

    more recently, desean jackson and kevin curtis have no problem catching don's throws. as a rookie, jackson almost put up the same numbers as you did in 4 years. maybe the difference between you and the others were that they get open consistently.

    but you're right. it's everyone else's fault because they didn't recognize your greatness. maybe you should re-evaluate your attitude. maybe had it been different, you'd be on an nfl roster today.

  8. I got one question for the great FredEx. How can a man you can't even make it in the Canadian Football league think he actually has a shot at the NFL. Man you could even make the Brown or Chiefs teams. How bout that. Shout out to Glenn and Anthony on the Mid-day Show!

  9. Freddie, don't worry about some of the nobody's on here trying to get a rouse out of you. As a serious question, though, did you and Donovan not get along while you were an Eagle? I'm all for you trying to get back into the league, but it doesn't seem like trashing the only qb you ever had is going to look good to any teams considering you.

  10. You're an absolute joke. Just go away FRAUD! Seriously, just shut the hell up. You're a pathetic excuse for a WR and now we see you're a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    MOVE ON!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Freddy,
    Just wondering whether you had considered playing for a year in the new UFL (Vegas maybe?)as a pathway back to the big time. The current buzz is that Mike Vick might go that route, and with coaches such as Jim Haslett, Jim Fassel, and Dennis Green over there I think it would have some credibility and serve to get you back into the limelight where people can see what you've got to offer... just a thought.

  12. Catch up on what Freddie's really doing at Just put in Freddie Mitchell in the search.