Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a Freddie Mitchell Fan Writes ...

Hey Freddie,

Micah Warren from GCobb.com. I always thought you should still be in the NFL. I think the "mouth" aspect was blown way out of proportion. I always had a tough time believing that the third WR on a Super Bowl team didn't have a place in the NFL. Doesn't make sense.

Hang in there and keep staying in shape. And don’t open yourself up to the attacks on your blog too much. As a PR guy by trade, I can tell you that there are people who are going to want to attack you just because you are an athlete and not a real person. You don’t have feelings and don’t get offended. I
know it’s tough to remember, but people are idiots and feel better laying into an athlete or celeb. So don’t give these morons TOO much access or they’ll just start lobbing grenades.

Check out my authentic Freddie Mitchell jersey! I attached a pic. You can tell I got that your rookie year because the NFL crest doesn’t have the white
around it. They first started that in 2002. Yeah I’m a nerd.

Hang in there, bud! If you ever have a message that you’d like me to get of GCobb.com, you can always drop me a line.

Micah Warren
FeverPitch Media Group, Inc.
112 Shaler Ave.
Fairview, NJ 07022

Thanks Micah,

I appreciate the love .... I am at 100% and looking forward to the future ... some great things are coming along!


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