Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Freddie Mitchell Speaks to His Fans

Freddie speaks to his fans and the "haters" ....

Get to know this NFL champ


  1. Nice! Good stuff Freddie, I'm pulling for you. I'm happy to see you working hard to get back, that's what we've all got to do in life, continue to persevere and move forward. Chasing goals is a wonderful thing, very exciting and fulfilling to do. Good Luck with the comeback, and I like the hat! -Chris.

  2. Fred

    there's always going to be occasional haters. it's a fact of life. you just gotta stay febby, and brush the haters off like it's marche.

    don't stop believin'

  3. Lookin' good, Freddie! Can't wait to see you on the field again. I hope that you can respond to this comment...I commented before and you graciously replied, saying that you would look at my blog ( I was just curious if you got a chance to see it and what you thought of it. Also, I would love to get in touch with you via email or Facebook? I tried sending you a message before, but got no reply (Obviously you are very busy and I completely understand that...just wondering). THANKS SO MUCH, Cody

  4. Freddie, I added your clip to my Eagles blog,
    EaglesLincs so all your fans still here in Philly can get get caught up on what you are up to.

    Good Luck on your return

  5. Freddie, you look like Mos Def with that hat. Good luck with the comeback.

  6. Fredex, now that your not in Philly anymore, and by the way there is a gaping hole in the center of the field without you going over the middle, who would you say is the current People's Champ of the Philly sports scene? Possibly your old roommate at UCLA Chase Utley?

    Also, would love to get a bust of your hands to put in the local bar any shot at having the mold created?

  7. Wait, is the comment below correct - You roomed with Chase? Awesome if true!

    Freddie, not that it matters but I am undecided about you. I watched you for four years and appreciated your willingness to do whatever it takes and make the occassional big play. However, you had many drops and your character (although I love it) does not neccessarily make you "team friendly" . I want to see you do good, but when you make a bad play, Admit it - don't blame the quarterback, and don't blame the fact you didn't get in the game enough. When you make a good play, don't praise yourself too much, at like you belong there, act like the champion you are - remember that the cream rises to the top! God Bless you Freddie Mitchell, because if you get back in and play against my beloved Eagles, I will be cursing the hell outta you.

  8. Would love to have you on twitter. Follow me here:

    Get back to the NFL man, we need ya!

  9. I think you need to get a domain name, is just too much of a mouthfull

  10. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your football career fred?

  11. Freddie, when you makin your way back down to Palm Beach?! haha. Its been a minute! Best of luck with gettin back in. Go get em! ~Greg

  12. A former Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver who talked his way out of town. Freddie Mitchell was supposed to be the next great Eagles WR. But instead, he put out little effort and lost whatever talent he had in his rookie year because he couldn't memorize the playbook. Mitchell complained constantly about how he wouldn't get playing time. Then the time came around where Eagles star WRTerrell Owens broke a bone in his ankle and Fred had the chance to step up and use whatever skills he has at the #2 WR position. Mitchell actually didn't do too bad for being a draft bust and led the Eagles to the superbowl. But before the Superbowl, Freddy Boy decided it was ok to trash talk to the defending champions and their star players. This didn't work seeing how Fred himself is not a star in any sense at all. The patriots players did not take to kindly to this and struck back to his comments. This led to the superbowl where defensive back Rodney Harrison of the Patriots, one of the players Mitchell bashed, actually caught more throws from Eagles QB Donovan McNabb than Freddie did himself. "FredEX" obviously hid himself throughout the game, afraid he'd get his ass handed to him if he did catch a ball. The only ball Mitchell actually did catch was one thrown low to his feet where he dove for and didn't have to get tackled.

    After the Eagles lost the superbowl, it was time for the offseason. Rumors escaladed that Freddie would either be traded or released. Freddie continued to bash Eagles players and management when all he was doing was embarrassing himself. NFL Minicamps followed the superbowl about a month after the big game. It is where players meet, learn and train for the next season. Eagles coach Andy Reid told Freddie that he did not want him at camp which showed that Freddie will most likely not be with the Eagles the next season. To make even more insult to injury, the Eagles still employed Freddie at the same time they drafted rookie WR Reggie Brown, he no doubt has more potential and better hands than Freddie ever did and ever will have.

    The Eagles couldn't find a trade for Mitchell, because well, he sucks. And the Eagles released Freddie Mitchell in early May. Mitchell went a little over a month without beign signed and was given the chance by former Eagles coach Dick Vermiel in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

    Freddie Mitchell sucks and will always suck. He was never good and will never be good. If he ever wants any chance of any playing time, he needs to shut his mouth and play football like the Eagles wanted him to when they drafred him. All that keeps Freddie Mitchell into football is money. The only thing that keeps teams semi-interested in Freddie is his above average playoff performance which was possibly the high light of his career. Other than that, Freddie, being the talentless bastard he is, would be working as a towel boy on an Arena Football League 2 team.
    Freddie Mitchell has given himslef various nicknames that he thinks is cool and funny but in reality, they only embarrass him.

    Names such as "FredEX", like shipping company FedEX. He got this name when he somehow got to be involved in a play in the 2003 playoffs and caught a 26 yard long throw from QB Donovan McNabb to give them a first down and save their season. Of course, any ole WR in the NFL could have caught the throw. The opposing defense got mixed up and let Mitchell open for the pass. This being the biggest thing at has ever happened to Mitchell, he called him "FredEX" becauses he "delivers" like FedEX does. And made various slogans for the name like "If you need a fix call 4th & 26". Other stupid nicknames include "First Down Freddie", which my father and I made fun of and called it "One Catch Freddie" since Freddie only got one catch a game...Because he sucks. A little known nickname is "Sultan of the slot". But he's not even good in the slot, so that adds to the list of names that just embarrass him.

  13. Rick, as we travel through life, we all find that opportunities come and go. Through hard work we can turn those opportunities into great successes and we'll all certainly experience plenty of failures no matter how hard we work. That's how life is... I'm sure that breaking into the NFL was one of Freddie's great successes in life, not many people can do that. For every Freddie Mitchell, there are thousands of players that'll never make it onto any football field. When you grow up a little more, you'll learn that continuing to strive in the face of disappointment is what makes a strong person, that's what builds character. Freddie made some mistakes, the trash talking didn't help, but it was probably his way of firing himself and the fans up and it worked against him in the end. Instead of spending two hours writing a huge post trashing the guy and saying he sucks, perhaps understand that he's showing perseverance and character trying to fight his way back as opposed to giving up. We can all respect that right? If he comes up short, he'll always know that he didn't give up on himself and he gave it his best, we can all go to our graves happy if we know we did that. I'm not sitting here telling you that you should love the guy, or even like him, but who needs the negativity, there's enough of that everywhere we look. I'll be pulling for Freddie to succeed. I'm not bashing you Rick, just saying that next time you want to spend a couple hours smearing someone through the dirt, maybe spend those hours doing something to lift someone up. -Chris.

  14. Freddie,
    Love the blog. Thanks for all the great memories as an Eagle. I'll never forget 4th and 26.
    In the 2001 NFL Draft, your were the 5th receiver taken in what turned out to be a great class of receivers. You were taken after David Terrell, Koren Robinson, Rod Gardner, and Santana Moss. You were taken before Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, Chris Chambers, and TJ Houshmandzandeh. If you were a GM and could go back in time and re-draft the 2001 wide receivers, what order would you rank them based on their NFL careers? Thanks. Good luck with the NFL comeback.

  15. Freddie! Get after it my man! I bleed green and would take a bullet for my brothers out there on the field. I've always said you were going to explode your numbers every offseason (and lost a few bets on it) and still think you are in the coming years!
    Also, besides your hands, obviously, I think your mouth is your greatest asset. You have fun playing the game and say what's on your mind, it's not your fault the media spins it into a circus. Any competitive person whether it'd be 1st string or 5th string better be able to walk up to the best player on the other team thinking he's going to win, knowing he's going to win, and saying he's going to win, otherwise, he'll lose. I really look forward to the day I see you on an NFL sideline once again, in the meantime, crush it in the gym/field brother, I know you're working hard!!
    PS- Had a beer with you one time (04'?) over at Smokey Joes in Ucity, class act

  16. An update for all Freddie fans. Go to (search Freddie Mitchell) and read all about what he's been up to lately.

  17. First of all Mr. Freddie Mitchell, I believe that you’re all that rather the football fanatics has something to say about what you’re doing that’s them. I say once you put your life and body through that abuse, I feel you’re good in my book. The other is u do give back to the community which very nice. This brings me to my question. I'm a little embarrassed to ask this but, ask not have not. I have a business that can't get any financial backing for. I heard that you dib and nab in businesses that's going somewhere. This business can end up going nationwide and I don't have the finances but I have the idea. It's even massing with my marriage. My husband is about to leave me because I'm trying make this happen and we don't have a lot of money. Can you email me so we can talk? Also, when u and your brothers have another bbq, I do cater and do so mean ribs, pull pork and Jerk chicken. Let's talk. I would like to keep my marriage.

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